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Mac App Pickups

by C. Ross Jam on December 29, 2008

MarsEditIcon128.jpgEncouraged by the gifts I got from MacHeist, I decided to ante up for some MacOS application licenses I’ve had my eye on for a while: MarsEdit 2 and Witch.

I’ve been a MarsEdit license holder since it first launched. I’m planning to blog more regularly in 2009 so the upgrade fee of $9.95 is money well spent on a nice desktop blog post editor.

witchicon128.pngWitch is a window switcher, as opposed to most of the application switchers available for the Mac. I like to have lots of applications open and typically multiple windows in each application. But I also like to minimize some windows, which apparently is not idiomatic on MacOS. The key distinction to me is that it’s somewhat difficult to switch to minimized (not hidden) windows from the keyboard. Worse, I’m working on a 13.3″ MacBook, so there isn’t a lot of screen real estate. Witch is a nice compromise.

Next up, I’ll be looking to upgrade my dusty old OmniGraffle 3 to version 5, get an image processing application (not Photoshop, overkill for my needs), and determine if I really need a virtualization solution. A photo managing tool is on the horizon but not pressing. Obviously I’ve got iPhoto, but I’ve found it really irritating in the past. And I’m hoping Google finally delivers Picasa for the Macintosh.

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