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iTunes Music Store 1, Amazon MP3 Store 0

by C. Ross Jam on January 21, 2009

Criminal Minded Cover.jpg Amazon gave me $8 of promotional credit in the Amazon MP3 Store thanks to some other Christmas gift purchases. I needed to use it before January 31st so started casting about for things of interest.

DJ mix house music is still a tough get. Not to mention that Amazon often sells dj mixes as one big mp3, not separating the tracks. However, the other two major services, iTunes Music Store and eMusic, have this bad habit as well, so I can’t ding them too hard for this.

Going back to my hip-hop roots, I finally settled on Boogie Down Productions Criminal Minded. But heresy of heresy, you can’t buy Public Enemy’s It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. A quick peek in the iTMS reveals they have it “in stock”.

iTMS 1, AzMP3 0

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