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1 Cent Books on Amazon

by C. Ross Jam on July 8, 2009

amazon_logo.gif Making a push to read more books, means of course acquiring more books. I’ve been using the library but that primarily means hardbacks, which are too bulky for my taste.

So I’ve been looking into buying used paperbacks, which are significantly cheaper then new editions. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good fix on a used book store, with a good SF section, here in Northern Virginia.

Enter Amazon Marketplace or There are these books with insanely low prices like a $1 or $0.75 or 1 cent. But that’s with a $3.99 shipping fee tacked on. What gives?

Turns out that there’s enough of a kickback to the seller on the “shipping” fee that they can make a little money. Especially if they do a decent volume and can get good postal shipping rates. This is for the Amazon Marketplace. I’m sure something similar works on, but I’m not seeing 1 cent books there. Not that I’ve looked all that hard.

Learn something new every day.

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