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iPod Nano Delights

by C. Ross Jam on July 3, 2009

ipod nano.gif Noting a couple of small, user experience details that make my iPod Nano much more useable than my old Mini.

Shuffle Switching. I’m a playlist guy, and most of my playlists aren’t useful shuffled, as they’re for dj mixed CDs. However, I have one playlist that’s a bunch of singles, specifically designed for shuffling. Unlike iTunes playlists, apparently iPod playlists can’t be marked individually for shuffling.

However, selecting a track and then hitting the Nano center button a few times allows you to quickly switch the Nano’s current shuffle state. So the procedure is pick a track in a playlist, start it playing, then set the shuffle state with a couple of clicks. No muss, no fuss.

Scrolling Long Titles. The Mini would horizontally scroll long track titles, but not long album names, artist names, or playlist names. Irritating.

The Nano corrects this deficiency.

That is all.

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