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XM Backspin Overdose

by C. Ross Jam on July 13, 2009

xm_logo.gif I had a family wedding to attend near Columbus, OH this weekend. Me and the missus decided to make this a road trip and see how our little guy would do on a long ride. I rented an intermediate-SUV from Avis to haul all our stuff, and as is par for modern rentals, XM Radio was installed.

The drive was about 6.5 hours road time (7.5 wall time, with stops) each way. Noodling around I landed on XM’s Backspin channel which is wall to wall classic hip-hop. Since it was satellite, I could just park it for the entirety of the trip, commercial free.

A lot of cuts in my recently built iTunes hip-hop playlist made appearances, but there were a number of tracks I was reminded of. Gotta see if I can’t purchase MP3s for:Request Line Label.jpg

  • De La Soul, Potholes in My Lawn

  • Fat Boys, Jailouse Rap

  • Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three, Request Line

  • Positive K, I Got A Man

  • Positive K, Step Up Front

  • Kid and Play, Last Night

  • Joeski Love, Pee Wee’s Dance

  • MC Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, It Takes Two

  • Funk Doobiest, The Funkiest

There’s plenty of other pre-1988 stuff that I’d like to be reconnected with. It’s almost enough to make me seriously consider buying an XM/Sirius subscription.

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