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Blogaversary and Macaversary

by C. Ross Jam on August 16, 2009

About This Mac Snap.png The first post on this blog is dated August 11th. So my blogaversary came and went without much notice. Still feel like I haven’t quite hit a stride though. There’s not a really good lead theme or tone. Posting about book reading has been fairly consistent, but I’m not really interested in becoming a book critic. I think I’ve been held back by not wanting to talk about tech things since that may inadvertently lead to discussing work, which I’m definitely avoiding. Such is working for a big defense contractor.

Hey, I’m a geek through and through though, so I’ll probably start wading back into non-work tech issues, especially if I can launch a home side project. For example, my various of noodlings with aggregators and blogging tools like posterous shouldn’t generate any difficulties.

The second Mass Programming Resistance post noted my acquisition of a white MacBook. So my Macaverary came and went without much notice as well. I have to say I’ve been quite pleased with the machine. I bought the bottom of the line, but combined the savings with some gift cards to pump the thing up with 4 Gb of RAM. Until my recent WiFi issues, I hadn’t had a single problem with the Apple hardware or software. That problem seems resolved, although there are still spurts of poor WiFi connectivity or throughput. But I feel like there’s at least another good year or two, at least, in this machine.

P.S. I wonder of anyone actually reads this thing?!

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