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Doom Patrol Chronicles: Week 2

by C. Ross Jam on September 22, 2009

Doom Patrol Fantasy Football Icon.jpg You still don’t care about my fantasy football teams and I’m still writing about them.

In this week’s update, I went 3 and 1. My two Yahoo teams are undefeated. My ESPN team put together a solid win. The team got whacked, but I left about 40 points on the bench, attempting to play a few matchups. That team also is overloaded on Cowboys, so I need to add some diversity.

A little bit more detail after the break

For Doom Patrol, I thought I was gonna run away with it, after Drew Brees went off and the New Orleans defense actually provided some punch. But my opponent closed a bit and I had to sweat out the Sunday night game. Brandon Jacobs was playing in opposition and he could have had a big night. Luckily he was basically shut down.

Doom Patrol, B-League benefited from explosive performances from San Francisco’s Frank Gore (200+ yards and 2 TDs) and San Diego’s Vincent Jackson (141 yards and 1 TD). Not to mention workmanlike efforts from Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and Minnesota’s Percy Harvin. Plus I left 18 points on the bench with Indy’s Dallas Clark.

However, I did play Dallas Clark to good effect in my ESPN league. Andre Johnson exploded as well, unfortunately contributing to the poor score of my Titans DST. I actually got some mileage out of Brett Favre and Darren McFadden.

I got blown out in my league. I just played the wrong guys. Plus Tom Brady stank agains the jets. But I’ve actually got some talent on this team.

My biggest worries are my QBs in the ESPN league, Anquan Boldin in a couple of leagues (he needs to get healthy and in the end zone), and running back Jamal Lewis is starting to look bad.

So far so good though.

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