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Live From Snow Leopard

by C. Ross Jam on September 1, 2009

Mac OS Snow Leopard Box.jpg This post comes to you live, from the updated version of Mac OS X known as Snow Leopard.

My copy of Snow Leopard arrived yesterday. I took a couple of hours this evening to backup my drive and then set about to upgrading. Took all of 1 unattended hour. Everything seems kosher.

I used the backup time to read John Siracusa’s Ars Technica review of Snow Leopard. Talk about in depth! 23 web pages covering every micro-detail of Apple’s operating system, update, upgrade, service pack, whatever you want to call it.

+1 for the integration of the Dock and Expose. Makes minimized windows more useful.

-1 for 64 bit Safari, with no plug-in capability. The supremely useful Saft is now in limbo.

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