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MeFi, Mark Skillz, & Hip Hop

by C. Ross Jam on September 18, 2009

metafilter logo.png Okay so I’ve sort of made my peace with the wonkiness of MetaFilter’s RSS feed. Now I just blast through the feed really quickly in NetNewsWire, not even bothering with the item titles. I’d say I have about a 10% hit rate on MeFi posts that actually interest me.

One of the better recent ones was today’s post highlighting the work of Mark Skillz. Skillz seems to be a not quite professional historian of hip-hop. But he does have good connections and goes way back into time on his Hip Hop 101A site. Since the birth and rise of hip-hop was square in my formative years, I’ll have to dig into Skillz knowledge.

And the playlist on the MeFi post is to die for. I could immediately recall about 2/3 of those tracks on the instant of reading the title, plus other cuts where they were sampled. That’s right ya’ll I was (am) a bit of a disco freak.

Ha, ha. Only serious

P.S. Criminal though, leaving Let No Man Put Asunder out of that mix

P.P.S. Except it’s pretty hard for a 1983 release to exist in 1979ish. My bad

P.P.P.S. But Let No Man Put Asunder did appear on 1977’s Delusions album. However, the Shep Pettibone mix was the definitive one and it’s unclear to me when that version actually went into circulation. Salsoul just made an official public release in 1983 but it was probably kicking around on acetates and bootlegs long before. Like I said, disco freak. Here endeth the pedantry.

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