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On Listicles

by C. Ross Jam on September 21, 2009

On Lisp Cover.gif I was probably one of the earliest fans of Paul Graham’s writings, even predicting the essay collection Hackers and Painters. Before that I actually bought copies of Ansi Common Lisp (2!) and On Lisp. All three copies (I never did buy Hackers and Painters) are proudly gathering dust in storage, along with my Lisp hacking skillz. I should point out that both titles are actually quite good and well written.

For some reason, I found his recent essay The List of N Things to be exceptionally amusing. Part of the charm is a bit of winking inconsistency that actually leads to solid consistency. Or vice-versa? Waitaminnit

Add in the fact that his popular Hacker News site occasionally seems to be overrun with listicles and there’s even more fun for the whole family.

Sometimes I am quite easily amused.

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