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On Those New iPods

by C. Ross Jam on September 13, 2009

K'Naan iPod Nano.png Looks like Apple is giving K’Naan some prominent play in their iPod Nano 5G and iTunes advertising. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they have the right song cued up.

I’ve said before I love my Nano 4G, but the new features of the iPod Nano 5G are tempting. The bigger screen and the FM receiver are the key attractors for me. The video recording and new colors I could do without. Wouldn’t a combination of iPod and XM/Sirius receiver be cool? It would beat the heck out of those crappy radios Sirius sells.

However, there are two other things higher on my technolust list. First, the Verizon MiFi is #1 on deck. I just find myself with too many short time windows where I could take advantage of my laptop and a little connectivity. And getting free of the need for a Starbucks or the library would be especially nice.

Second, I’d really like to checkout the iPhone App Store. Now I don’t actually want an iPhone, but I can get the App Store experience using an iPod Touch. I was pretty much set even before the most recent Touch announcements. The price point I was targeting now gets you 32 GB, plus the new features. At that storage level, I can get almost all of my iTunes library onto the iPod.

So as much as I like the new Nano, it’ll have to wait. Frankly, it would be gluttony, so I don’t think one is in my near future.

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