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Open a Can of … Whoa Dere!

by C. Ross Jam on September 20, 2009

Cal Logo Small.png Somehow Cal made a two touchdown win against the Minnesota Golden Gophers feel like a narrow escape. The Bears burst out to a 14-0 lead, then let Minnesota hang around well into the fourth quarter. The special teams was sort of weak and the defense could never deliver the knockout blow. But a win is a win.

Did I mention the offense? More specifically Jahvid Best? He was pretty good. Five touchdowns good. No TD vultures this week. And back in the Heisman picture.

Meanwhile, in other news, the University of Spoiled Children spit the bit against the Washington Huskies, in a major road upset. This muddles both the national championship picture and the Pac-10 race as well. Odds on, USC won’t be able to play for the national title, which actually makes it harder for Cal to make the Rose Bowl.

Then again, if Cal takes care of business the next two weeks, this issue might be moot, and the Bears might be in the national championship chase.

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