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Processing DEMO

by C. Ross Jam on September 10, 2009

Processing DEMO.png

So why did I put so much effort into getting Pygame, Numpy, and Pycairo into the same Python interpreter? I’m interested in creating demoscene like visualizations. luis2048’s processing final project is an example of the type of generative art I want to experiment with.

Clearly this could be done with processing but I feel like that tool’s image processing capabilities are limited. By that I mean there isn’t much domain specific language or library in processing related to bit level image manipulation. I’m curious as to what might go into a good language for writing these visualizations. Numpy should provide a solid foundation for image processing abstracting much of the array processing hair.

Also, I’d rather use Python than Java. I think Python has some built-in data structures and modules that might be particularly useful.

So that’s what I’m puttering and nattering on about.

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