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Dieselboy v Aphrodite

by C. Ross Jam on January 12, 2010

Dieselboy Substance D Cover Small.png Aphrodite Overdrive Cover Small.jpg So I’m essentially a Drum ‘N Bass noobie in the extreme. For the past few years I’ve had basically three or four Drum ‘N Bass-ish dj mix CD’s ripped to my iPod. All of them are ancient in the rapidly morphing world of electronica.

Recently though I’ve been wearing out what little DnB I’ve actually got. For a while I was flip-flopping between Hip Hop, thanks to the iTMS strategy, and House, thanks to a large collection. But now I’m really drawn to the DnB for the long commute and even in the office. Something about the high BPMs gets and keeps the blood flowing.

I think I’ve had Aphrodite’s Overdrive for over a year and half, maybe two years now. Towards the end of 2009 I was listening to it every day. I’m especially fond of the vocal aspects: the Jamaican toasting on Living in Darkness and Ruff Neck Style, along with the diva on Sometimes.

In contrast, I finally forced myself to dig around on the Amazon MP3 store and buy some of Dieselboy’s work. Substance D is flat out sick with the high points being the blend of One Of Them into Pressure Drop VIP and closing with N/V/D. As opposed to Overdrive, ain’t no vocals on Substance D, just pure head trip.

So an Aphrodite v Dieselboy mashup followed by a back-to-back mix off might be the Holy Grail, but I bet there’s plenty more for me where that came from.

Time to get into some DJ Dara.

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