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The Power of Touch

by C. Ross Jam on July 2, 2010

Nokia 6620.jpg Over there to the left is my ancient “smartphone”, the Nokia 6620. The thing is so old it has a Cingular logo for a background.

Today, using the little joystick at the center of the phone, I was scrolling through my contacts looking for a phone number. When the one I was searching for finally came up, I started tapping its row with my thumb. Tap, tap, tap. Why isn’t this thing working?

Oh yeah, it’s not an iPod Touch.

Keep in mind I’ve only had a Touch for a month and I don’t make any calls with it. Yet somehow I have “muscle memory” for Apple’s user interface, on any handheld screen device. Granted, I had just been using my Touch to do some feed reading, but I was still surprised by my own behavior.

Maybe it’s a sign to get cracking and get a new smartphone.

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