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Doom Patrol Chronicles: The Draft 2010

by C. Ross Jam on September 12, 2010

Doom Patrol Fantasy Football Icon.jpg On this inaugural NFL Sunday, I thought I should check in with the results of my office league’s fantasy draft, even though I know you don’t care.

As defending champion, I was expecting to have no luck with my draft position. Just planning on the fantasy gods to screw me. I was pleasantly surprised to see my team’s icon come up in the number one slot. Makes drafting a bit easier. For posterity’s sake here’s the results.

1. (1) Chris Johnson (Ten – RB)

  1. (16) Tom Brady (NE – QB)

  2. (17) Calvin Johnson (Det – WR)

  3. (32) Cedric Benson (Cin – RB)

  4. (33) Dallas Clark (Ind – TE)

  5. (48) Wes Welker (NE – WR)

  6. (49) LeSean McCoy (Phi – RB)

  7. (64) Ronnie Brown (Mia – RB)

  8. (65) Brett Favre (Min – QB)

  9. (80) C.J. Spiller (Buf – RB)

  10. (81) Philadelphia (Phi – DEF)

  11. (96) Jeff Reed (Pit – K)

We’ve only got an eight team league, so there’s plenty of depth on every team. Number in parens is the overall draft position in our league. There’s some pretty solid free agents available, so I expect we’ll see a lot of matchup plays over the course of the season. Defense and kickers I always deal with week-to-week myself.

I was pretty happy with the results, even though I’ve already dumped a couple of guys before the season started. Tom Brady, Chris Johnson, and Dallas Clark are no-brainers. I feel really strong at running back with Cedric Benson, Ronnie Brown, and C.J. Spiller, plus I dumped LeSean McCoy for Arizona’s Tim Hightower. That basically makes for 4 #1 running backs alongside Chris Johnson.

I’m a little worried about my wide receivers. We’ll see how Wes Welker holds up, and Calvin Johnson is playing for the Lions. I may have to trade a couple of backs to get a really consistent wideout.

I’m feeling pretty good about this year. This draft was definitely way better than last year’s. Doom Patrol has a fighting chance from the get-go.

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