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Bulls vs Heat, 2011

by C. Ross Jam on May 15, 2011

Chicago Bulls Logo I’m looking forward to how the 2011 NBA Eastern Conference Finals plays out between the Bulls and Heat. I normally just root for “good game”, but this time I’m on Derrick Rose and the Bulls’ side.

When I lived in Chicago, I got the tail end (the Last Dance 97-98 season) of the Jordan Bulls, the dark days of the Dickey Simpkins/Kornell David/John Starks era, and the unfulfilled potential of Elton Brand, Jay Williams, Tyson Chandler, Eddie Curry, et. al. I even had a partial season ticket plan during the dark days, when they picked up Jalen Rose. So I feel well within my rights to root for the Bulls, even though I live in DC and go to a lot of Wizards games.

Besides, I have to live with my wife, who’s a born and raised Chicagoan. And I really like Derrick Rose.

Definiely diggin’ TNT’s shots of Chicago in HD.

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