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Loleatta Holloway Passing

by C. Ross Jam on May 13, 2011

Hit and Run Twelve Inch I’m remiss. Loleatta Holloway passed away back in March. While clearly a disco icon, through the modern miracle of sampling and the 80’s to early 90’s wild west of rights clearance, she was also a huge influence on House music. At a certain point, it felt like every new Strictly Rhythm single had to have a Holloway sample.

The greatness and contribution really hit me, when I bought the Mastercuts Classic Salsoul volume 2, and first encountered the 11 minute version of Hit and Run. The track starts off with about 3-4 minutes of classic disco. Then it launches into another 7 minutes of soulful beats, jazzy riffs, and Loleatta bringin’ the pipes. But she also scatted for bits and played it low and husky for spells. Just a tour de force of soul diva vocals.

After all that, which I’m assuming was one take, the closing words of the producer just kills it, “Okay, now let’s do the album version.”

Godspeed kind lady.

N.b. If you get the Classic Salsoul volume 2, you get First Choice’s Dr. Love, another disco/house classic.

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