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Spotlight Muscle Memory

by C. Ross Jam on May 4, 2011

LaunchBar Spotlight

At work, I was finally privileged to receive a MacBook Pro back in November. Man do I love it!

One of the nice things about using the same OS at work and at home is that I exploit some of the hidden power features more consistently. One such feature on OS X is Apple’s Spotlight, the built-in desktop search service. Even better, Spotlight is easily accessible through LaunchBar, so I don’t even have to remember another key combination for search. Command-Space plus a few keystrokes gets me to web search or desktop search.

Once upon a time at work, they allowed us to have Google Desktop on Windows, which is the best desktop search I’ve ever experienced. Spotlight isn’t nearly as nice, but it works sufficiently, especially on indexing my Thunderbird e-mail. That’s where every other desktop search tool I tried, Mac or Windows, failed miserably. Indexing and searching my e-mail is pretty important, since I like to use mail for information trapping.

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