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The Most Human Human

by C. Ross Jam on May 24, 2011

The Most Human Human

Link parkin’: The Most Human Human

Based upon Peter Merholz’s recommendation this book looks really interesting. To wit:

It’s a delightful and discursive book, wending its way through cognitive science, philosophy, poetry, artificial intelligence, embodied experience, and more. The author, Brian Christian, writes with a deft touch, in an episodic and occasionally meandering style that feels like you’re taking part in a good conversation.

Which makes sense, considering the book’s supposed raison d’etre is the author’s preparation for being a confederate (a human participant) for the Loebner Prize, in which judges of a Turing test have conversations with computers and humans, to determine both The Most Human Computer and The Most Human Human.

Available on The Kindle to boot.

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