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250K+ More Tweets

by C. Ross Jam on October 16, 2011

Actually, I’ve got over 335K tweets and counting captured on this collection. There were two keys to making progress over my last effort. First, I moved my collector to a personal Linode virtual private server (VPS). As opposed to my ancient home Linux workstation, the VPS can stay up and on the network for days and weeks at a time. No outages due to brief power shutdowns or arbitrary Verizon glitches. Second, my script actually recovered from a network hiccup that killed its child curl process. Picked up the right error code, forked off a new curl, and kept on trucking.

The back of the envelope rate of collection is about 60K+ tweets per 24 hours. At this rate, it’ll take me about another week and a half to hit the million mark. I’m not holding my breath, but glad to see a significant advance over the last milestone.

P.S. After a few months, can thoroughly recommend Linode’s services.

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