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Chrome Click To Play

by C. Ross Jam on October 15, 2011

OS X Lion Belay that MacBook Air lust. My poor little white MacBook seemed to hit a severe thrashing wall. (Load avg 23!!) A little inspection and it turns out a bunch of Chrome processes were taking up all the CPU time. I could have gone tab killing, but I had a hunch about another culprit.

A little less than a year ago, John Gruber dumped Flash. I’ve always sympathized with that approach. My laptop’s fan starting up seems to correlate with playing Flash content. Now I suspected Flash was the real villain in my MacBook slowdown. What to do?

Turns out you can configure Chrome to not autoload Flash content. Subsequently you click on demand for playback. Works wonders.

Still got the same number of tabs open in Chrome, but now my machine is qualitatively much more useful.

Hat tip to Chris Kasten

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