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Apple and Brother Printers

by C. Ross Jam on December 26, 2011

Maybe this will get indexed by Google and save someone else some time.

Today my Brother Printer started giving me an annoying pop-up and refused to print:

Some of the software for the printer is missing.

Gee thanks.

Now my Brother HL-5250DN printer had been working perfectly fine, although I hadn’t used it for a while. This new message alerted me to the fact that there was some new software drivers. However, the Apple downloader inside of System Preferences, for whatever reason, just couldn’t get the job done. Tried Apple Software Updates but it didn’t have any new printer updates. Went to the Brother site and downloaded the latest drivers. Installed them. Didn’t fix the situation.

Finally went straight to the source, Apple. In the support section, there was a recent release on December 13th for Brother Printer Drivers 2.8. Slurped down all 156 MB in a few minutes, it’s good to be on FiOS, installed, and problem solved.

Hope that helps!

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