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Plexus Rangers Chronicles: Week 14

by C. Ross Jam on December 13, 2011

PlexusRangers Logo Small So that thud you heard was the final collapse of my poor fantasy football squad. This past weekend encapsulated my many frustrations over this season. To wit

  • The injury bug strikes yet again, mid-game this time. Poor DeMarco Murray goes down in the first quarter with a broken ankle. Felix Jones soaks up the resulting points in a track meet. Meanwhile, Jason Witten gets shut out or shut down, take your pick.
  • Conversely, I play the Cowboy defense which gets smoked by the Giants. Minus two points on the ledger.
  • The opponent went off to the tune of 139 points. Guys like Shonn Greene and Rob Gronkowski had peak weeks of 25+ points.
  • And the guy I was chasing won anyway. His opponent, down in the lower bracket like me, didn’t quite mail it in, but every player in his lineup underperformed their projection.

Just not meant to be this year.

Can’t really get excited about the fact that our league has a consolation playoff bracket. I know you don’t care about my fantasy team, so there’ll only be one more of these posts. I want to go back and compare the hope of the draft versus the season’s results.

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