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Congratulations BCS!

by C. Ross Jam on January 10, 2012

You’ve successfully managed to make me not care about the NCAA College Football post-season. To be honest I was way more excited about the regular season Alabama-LSU matchup then the BCS Championship Game. The former was appointment TV. The latter was something I got around to after reading to My Little Guy (TM), putting him to bed, and getting a bite to eat. Missed one field goal. Oh well, there were plenty more to go around.

Might be time to put old Brent Musberger out to pasture. Between Honey Badger! utterances and mocking the LSU offense getting across the fifty yard line, I was close to done.

As to any other bowl fare, I mostly snoozed my way through Cal’s defeat in the Holiday Bowl. When I was awake, there was a lot of Angry Birds Rio playing. The Rose Bowl got cursory coverage as I was out at a Chicago bar visiting a friend. Sound down and reminiscing about the old neighborhood.

At this point, I’m not even sure a playoff could bring back my enthusiasm. That’s how jaded I am about college sports. Oh well, there’s always The Big Game.

And apparently quite a few other folks are voting with their clickers. Take that Self-Proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports™!

Big Game in October 2012?! WTF!

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