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RESTing Django

by C. Ross Jam on February 10, 2012

Previously I had posted about Sleepy.Mongoose, a module for making “RESTful” services out of MongoDB. Turns out Sleepy.Mongoose is really more RPC over HTTP then REST. Plus it seems to be a bit neglected. I gave it a test drive at work and wasn’t feeling very comfortable. So I’m giving Sleepy.Mongoose a pass.

I’m planning to use Django for some backstage Web administration tools, so thought I’d see if there’s anything good for that framework. Ran across Tastypie and looks like it has potential. Especially since there’s a clear example of how to wrap a non-Django ORM data sources. Along with continued maintenance and an active community. Kicking the tires this weekend.

Link parkin‘ Piston just in case Tastypie falls through.

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