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Wayne Enterprises Chronicles: Week 8

by C. Ross Jam on November 1, 2012

The Dark Knight Logo Mini Victory! Back to back wins to cross over into the second half of the season. Moves me comfortably into second place in the league.

I got a lot of nice contributions from every position except TE. RGIII was bottled up by the Pittsburgh defense but still managed double figure fantasy points. Tony Gonzalez (Go Bears!) had his first stinker fantasy game with only 4.4 points.

The deficit against projection was made up at RB, starting Darren McFadden and Stevan Ridley, along with the WR spots of Miles Austin and Eric Decker. Ridley and and Decker were the big wins, both being second tier players but coming in at +6. Add in my kicker, Sebastian Janikowski, at +6 as well and I actually came in +5 against my projection.

My opponent put me on pins and needles Monday night, with the San Francisco DEF as his last player. They would have needed to score 18 points to wreck my night, but it wasn‘t out of the realm of possibility given the strength of the 49er D and the crappiness of the Arizona QB.

But it all played out well, and ended in a seven point victory.

On another note, just more evidence of the emergence of computational journalism. Yahoo! has outsourced automating game summaries for fantasy football matches (!!). And the results aren‘t all that bad.

Computational journalism cribbed from Irfan Essa.

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