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by C. Ross Jam on November 23, 2015

Invincea Wall It occurs to me that there is a major event that I have not noted in this venue. About 18 months ago, I gave up my position at Lockheed Martin and moved to a much smaller company Invincea. That web site is almost exclusively about the commercial product side of Invincea, but we also have a federal services division called Invincea Labs.

Labs is in exactly the same DoD Science and Technology research space I worked for LM. We hustle Contracted Research and Development (CRAD) from various agencies looking for technical solutions to bleeding edge problems.

It’s an amusing story of how it came about, but I literally ended at LM on a Friday afternoon and started across the street at Invincea the following Monday. The biggest change is that I went down 3 orders of magnitude in employee head count. Also, Labs has a pure focus on cybersecurity. No more worrying about expensive jet fighters and all that. Lean, mean, and a relaxed attitude have been a refreshing change of pace.

I’m part of the Cyber Analytics team, and Labs has a lot of open positions. We work on all sorts of bleeding edge projects so shoot me an e-mail at bria n.d if any of them seem to fit you.

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