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Kafka 0.10.0

by C. Ross Jam on May 24, 2016

As I said, I use (and like) Kafka quite a bit. The new release of Kafka 0.10.0, as covered by Confluent’s Neha Narkhede, has a number of interesting features:

I am very excited to announce the availability of the 0.10 release of Apache Kafka and the 3.0 release of the Confluent Platform. This release marks the availability of Kafka Streams, a simple solution to stream processing and Confluent Control Center, the first comprehensive management and monitoring system for Apache Kafka. Around 112 contributors provided bug fixes, improvements, and new features such that in total 413 JIRA issues and 13 KIPs were resolved.

Kafka Streams becomes official, but the timestamped messages will turn out to be very handy.

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