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by C. Ross Jam on June 28, 2017

This blog has been around so long that it started off as a Movable Type site and ran that way for quite a few years. Then when MT hit a bad patch of little progress, I switched over to WordPress. I thought my conversion had pretty much completely preserved all the old content cleanly, but looking at some older posts recently, I discovered a significant amount of intrablog link rot.

The number of posts that needs fixing isn’t huge, so I’m just working through them by hand. But it’s an interesting look back at older material. I definitely wrote more and more about stuff I was doing. The link + pull quote post has been a staple of recent material. While easy on the generation muscles, I have been somewhat disappointed in myself on that front.

Every now and then, I run across an old gem like “Enthusiastic Making”:

Folks who dismiss various forms of social media as trivial and narcissistic often forgot this aspect. These media provide venues for pent-up creative enthusiasm. Yeah a lot of the results will be poor or even hateful. The act of making makes it easier for many more to care about others. In the aggregate, that’s a great thing.

Pretty much on target, although now I’m less optimistic about social media in general. Bad hombres have discovered our individual and social cognitive biases for to exploit for evil ends.

Anyhoo, I will be endeavoring to get back to more original content in this space. Might take a bit, but it will happen.

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