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How Times Have Changed

by C. Ross Jam on July 19, 2017

As I’ve said before, there’s been a bit of gardening going on here behind the scenes. This has made me revisit a number of older posts on this here blog.

Circa 2010, I was seriously investigating ways to get mobile data access for a reasonable price. The number of posts regarding the HTC Evo as a potential phone + hotspot combo is impressive. That’s a cute little time capsule of technology.

Not to mention there used to be some company called Palm back then.

Eventually I wound up just getting an iPhone, which at the time only provided 2GB of 3G connectivity per month. Eight years later, with rollover, I usually have 8GB of LTE for two devices for around the same price. Unlimited text messages to boot. The 8GB isn’t particularly impressive, but the rest of the kit vice price is of note.

I’m still on the iPhone (6S Plus), but becoming really intrigued by a top of the line Google Pixel on Google Fi. A friend of mine speaks highly of the Android experience and iOS isn’t providing any level of excitement to me these days.

Times may have changed but technolust never goes away forever!

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