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Startup Showcase Winners

by C. Ross Jam on July 25, 2017

Interesting collection of startups that won a share of the showcase at Strata Data, San Jose.

These four companies underscore the unbroken link between on-demand computing, big data, and machine learning. While the ‘90s and “oughties” were about building up the front-end user interface—and in the process, making powerful technology simple enough to find billions of users—more recent years have been about laying the groundwork for adaptive, always-aware organizations.

I wasn’t there to view the startup sales pitchers or do any voting. However, Allistair Croll’s assertion that these are AI startups seems a bit off. The short descriptions make three seem to be more data wrangling / harnessing companies. The fourth is a media analytics platform for the e-sports era. There might be some AI hidden in there, and maybe that’s the point, but they sure don’t feel like Bradford Cross’ vertical AI startups.

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