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GCloud JupyterHub

by C. Ross Jam on August 5, 2017

Link parkin’. The Jupyter team has been making it easier to deploy Jupiter notebook servers in cloud environments. Andrew Odewahn provides some helpful notes.

JupyterHub, a “multi-user server for Jupyter Notebooks,” is an essential tool for teaching and training at scale with Jupyter. …

Their new project, a Helm package for JupyterHub and an accompanying article called Zero to JupyterHub on how to use it, describes the relatively straightforward steps needed to install and run JupyterHub on Google cloud.

In this article, I’ve followed along with the tutorial, adding additional detail on setting up gcloud, preparing a docker image with the content project you want to deploy in it, and provided more background on some of the tools used.

Not trivial at this moment, but expect the edges to get smoothed out over time.

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