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Launching Streamlio

by C. Ross Jam on August 16, 2017

Link parkin’: “Announcing Streamlio”

We are excited to announce Streamlio, the world’s leading enterprise-grade, unified, end-to-end real-time solution. Founded by co-creators of best-of-breed open-source technologies proven at Twitter and Yahoo, Streamlio unifies Apache Pulsar (incubating), Heron, and Apache BookKeeper to deliver the next generation of real-time applications. Enterprises across all industries now need to adopt event-driven architecture, characterized by a new era of real-time action with no humans in the loop. That’s why we have founded Streamlio. Our mission is to deliver an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade, real-time solution to the masses.

As Ben Lorica points out, this looks like a play on vertical integration of key technologies for stream processing, machine learning, and I/O. TIL about Apache BookKeeper.

Gettin’ a little crowded in the production ready, stream processing platform/toolkit space.

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